Accademia Teatro Dimitri


This is a compilation of my favorite commedy acts I created at the ATD.
Inspired by “The Truman Show” and JIM CARREY himself I decided to recreated my version of the story adaped in a 20 minutes stage show. It ended up being the most difficult task of all 3 years at the STD!! Plus it was not even recived very well… the jury thought is was merely a week himitation…. “But we want to see you! Not JIM…” They said… :/ OH well… I graduated anyway huhu… so here is a short version of it. :P
“Toc Toc” is a Cabaret/Varietè show we created and played on the second year at the ATD. And this is one act of a 2h long show.
“Strangers?” a show ,about immigrants in europe, we created and performed on the 3rd year at the ATD. And this was a little moment in the show where my character simply wanted to do something nice for this girl.
Pierrot, one of the classics… if you study clow, pantomime and overall physical theater.
We had to prepare a dance act… max 5 minutes long… once we came up with the idea it was really fun to explore with this quality of movement.