Peter Pan

Michael Darling

Played by Davide Romeo

Michael is the youngest of the Darling children, aged around five years old.
He doesn’t like taking medicine but does very much like taking rides to the bathroom on the back of the family’s pet dog, Nana.
Like his brother John, he has an active imagination and dreams of one day living in his own wigwam. Though “suspicious by nature,” at times he is also quite fearless. When Peter Pan blows fairy dust on the Darling children, Michael is the first to fly and, in Neverland, he is proud to show Wendy the spot where he killed a pirate!

We started touring with Peter Pan in 2012; the very first Premiere was held in Belgium at the Forest National Arena In Brussels. Since then we have been touring around the world: all over the UK in arenas such as the Glasgow Arena UK, Leeds Arena UK, Wembley Arena London UK, and many more: Singapore; Dubai; Quatar; The Netherlands. This winter we’ll be back in Belgium in Atwerp with the theater version of the show.