In Mutiny, the present-day human is dressed up for his individual combat.

Intended to conquer his personal space for his sense of self, against, or together, with billions of others, his similar kind.
In our intense registered world, there is a choice between masked despotic rebellious dominance… or a choice wherein a a free individual rebel can develop into enlightenment.

The Dutch artist Edward Hermans made the the work Mutiny for his solo exhibition in the Me_Project gallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 2012. All objects are whit or black glazed porcelain sculptures.
They visualize breakable contemporary armaments which are created to protect the humanoid skin and its content.
It is the valiant jewellery of the mutant, determined to distinguish.

Edward Hermans, in collaboration with the Swiss choreographer Martino Müller, created the images in 2013/2014.

The characters on the pictures are the Brazilian dancer Christine Ceconello and the Swiss theatrical performer Davide Romeo.


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