When I saw Samuel dancing this choreography I was so inspired that I told him we should create a video together!And so it happened: not much time passed until we were on the streets of Le Mans shooting the choreography.

Mowgli “Echi della Giungla”

This is a Teatro Dimitri School performance, played in 2013 in Locarno at the Cursaal Theater.
It was great fun to help creating this school project and working with the students of the first year!

Thank you for this nice experience!

Romantic Dinner

Anyone looking for a waiter?

Well then you can’t go wrong with Charlie…
I promise he will be nice, and very professional!!!

Peter Pan

If you like music, fireworks, amazing dancers, incredible acrobats, fabulous singers and pretty good clowns too…
Well then you can’t miss “Peter Pan, the Never Ending Story”

During the past few years, we have been touring in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, and Dubai. Singapore waiting for us winter 2014/15!

Playing Michael Darling in this Arena Spectacle really makes me feel like a kid living his dream! Let’s all just fly to Neverland… Second star to the right and straight on till morning!!

School Times Greatest Hits

I discovered my slap-stick talent during the second year of the STD Theater school.
I had to create a number, a Clown act, but new not much about how. After many tries I finally found a good idea to work on so I started practice all the slap-stick and funny accidents that happened to the Character throughout the entire scene.
It was somehow natural to me… but it was only when i noticed the reaction of other people… I realized, perhaps, this was something that is supposed to be difficult…

The Character I developed during this time became Charlie. He still exists in my performances today!


Love: a project that has touched me profoundly, not only because It was officially my first job… but also for the people I met, for the passion that was given to it, for all the research we made, for all I learned, for all the love…

Thank you Martino, Chriss and Eduard!


It was a very open and friendly team, they just asked me what my skills were, and if I had any ideas of what a street artist could do… For me playing a clown was the best choice, putting some visual elements into the act, such as juggling or acrobatics, could help make the clip little more dynamic, I thought.

Beautiful singer Alice, It was my pleasure and honor to be part of one of your Videos!


Pinocchio! What a fun character to play! It is really exciting to perform for 300 kids at once, all their hysterical laughter and shouting… believe me… blows you away!

I think I can say I’m the first Pinocchio without wearing a long nose throughout the show! Only in one scene: it appeared with a magical trick and it grew longer when I would tell lies… but for the rest of the show I had my natural one :P

Thank you Katharina Rup for taking me on this journey!

Love Teaser

We had a lot of fun making the photo shoot for this show… problem was, we had so many fantastic pictures in the end… So Martino, instead of using just one, he simply used them all… but for a video, and that’s how he created this little teaser :)